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We need to expand again!

The next position to be brought on board is an trainee Appraisal position for JSO.  We hope to be filling this post in the next four-weeks.     

Last update - February 8, 2021

Trainer Appraiser

We are looking for a talented Real Estate Associate and an Analyst  to join our team.  It looks like the time line on this is either June/July 2020 or the following month.  It also looks like we will be looking for both an analyst and a trainee appraiser.  

Who we are:

JSO Valuation Group, LTD. is a commercial real estate appraisal firm located in the Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois.  Over the past 30-years we have completed appraisal assignments of vacant, proposed and improved commercial, multi-family, and industrial properties. We have also valued specialty type developments, such as subdivision lot analysis, communication towers, and municipal recreational park land. The values have ranged from hundreds of thousands to several million dollars; from one tenant to large, multi-tenanted office towers, industrial, and retail buildings. Our valued and diverse clients use our appraisals in a variety of ways to make critical and informed decisions.  Our services equip those in industries such as Financing, Insurance, Estate, Feasibility Analysis, and Real Estate Tax Appeal to mention a few uses.


Who are you:

  • Driven, organized and a self-starter.

  • Interested in Commercial Real Estate.

  • Thrives under pressure.

  • Doesn’t want to be a ‘cog in the wheel’ of a larger corporation.

  • Okay with being in the office or working from home.


What you’ll do - Trainee Appraiser:

  • Performing property inspections that include Interviews with persons able to provide information on the local property market. Developing a complete understanding of the property to be valued and how it relates to the local market.

  • Research and analyze property information by collecting, verifying and analyzing data regarding:

    • inventory of competitive properties, sales, listings, and market vacancy;

    • absorption rates, demand studies, social, economic, governmental, and environmental characteristics;

    • restrictions, encumbrances, covenants, contracts, declarations, special assessments, ordinances, cost and depreciation, income/expense and capitalization rate, history of ownership, and use of the property.

  • Prepare an appraisal report by:

    • describing physical and economic property characteristics, appraisal procedures used, and information analyzed;

    • disclosing extraordinary assumptions, and hypothetical and limiting conditions;

    • presenting supportive reasoning.




  • Bachelor’s Degree from a four-year University.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • High energy and an evident drive for personal success.

  • Willingness to work hard and invest time outside of 9-5 to grow your career.

  • Team player mentality.

  • Access to very reliable transportation.

JSO is always looking to expand this position.  


Analyst Position

What you’ll do - Analyst:

Research and analyze property information by collecting, verifying and investigate data regarding:

  • Individual properties.

  • Develop the ability to analyze any properties revenue and expenses.

  • Develop the ability to separate business enterprise value from real estate.

  • Analyze and update individual community profiles.

  • Analyze various property's real estate taxes in comparison to the market.


If either of these sounds like you, we would love to meet you! Please send resume and cover letter to with the subject line Real Estate Associate or Real Estate Analyst.


JSO offers:

  • Highly competitive salary.

  • Paid vacation.

  • Paid sick time.

  • Office snacks and refreshments.

Finally, all new associates are believed to be starting from a blank sheet of paper.  We are not expecting that any of the above requirements are a must. Maybe its our wish list, but this is the direction of the educational curve.   This is a teaching office, therefore we will enable and aid all candidates in this endeavor.  Some of our very successful candidates have been history majors, philosophy, geography, etc.

Please send you resume to:

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